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Our live performance at Ted X Zurich is out!

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A b o u t   U s

Numantia is a duet conformed by Laia (voice, handpan and percussions) and Fernando (Arabic oud, gypsy guitar, oriental percussions, viola da gamba & others), whose musical dialog results in a mystical journey throughout various cultures: middle-eastern textures, Celtic melodies, African rhythms, nordic landscapes, gypsy accents and Persian sounds amongst many others. Having crossed many of the paths of the music of the world, this two musicians have taken the task - an anthropological one within a certain extent - of deepening in jungles of unknown sounds and being inspired by, for an instance, the music of the Tuareg as much as by French Baroque or by Classical Indian music. 


As a result of this query, and seeking for the universals of sound, the duet creates vast atmospheres, tells ancient stories, make us travel through epic landscapes and touches the depth with melodies unknown and familiar at the same time.


C o n c e r t s

C o m i n g

01.08.24 | 12:30 | Children of Panacea

Fork & Bottle, Allmendstrasse 20, 8002 Zürich

25.08.24 | 16:00 | - Villa Maria

Oberdierikonerstrasse, 6036 Dierikon

31.08.24 | 19:30 - KlangAtelier | ArtWalk

Marktgasse 25, 5620 Bremgarten

20.12.24  | 19:00 - AmoRythmo | Xtatic 


Trichtenhauser Str. 57, 8125 Zollikerberg

23.08.25 | 17:30 - Klang & Wort

Kirche Laufen am Rheinfall

P a s t

13.06.24 - Musikclub Röslischüür

08.06.24 - Ombre Fashion Show

07.06.24 - Xtatic

04.05.24 - LIVLab 

13.04.24 - Alrahman

10.04.24 - Privates Konzert

07.04.24 - Teatre Municipal Carmen Tur

05.04.24 - Sovint | Sankofa

28.03.24 - Luna Winterthur Jubiläum

24.03.24 - Klang Atelier​

23.03.24 - Alrahman

19.03.24 - Privates Konzert​

16.03.24 - Heal Play Love

08.02.24 - Wild Women Gathering

27.01.24 - 21:30 - Fassbeiz 

11.01.24 -19:00 - Theater am Gleis

05.12.2023 / TEDx Zürich

26.11.2023 / Ref. Kirche Laufen am Rheinfall

19.11 / Ref. Kirche Aarau

19.11.2023 / Tanzkraft Karma

10.11.2020 / Puppentheater Herisau

18.08.2023 / KlangAtelier​

26.08.2023 / Vernissage AnSichten

02.09.2023 / IKW Festival Winterthur

20.07.23 / Brauerei Oerlikon

21.07.23 / KlangAtelier

30.06.23 / Lokal Winterthur

25.06.23 / Children of Panacea Festival

27.05.23 / Wandellust

14.05.23 / Café Kunterbunt 

06.04.23 / Café Rumi

30.11.22 / Atha Yoga Zollikon

06.12.22 / Kulturkaffee Kanzleistrasse

17.09.22 / Zentrum der Fülle

Laia started her musical career as a classical flute player and as a singer, participating for over a decade in diverse orchestras for classical and antique music. Driven by the need to explore a wider world, she got immersed in World Music, mainly Latin. She discovered the handpan relatively recently and found in it an instrument which allowed her to explore harmony, melody and percussion simultaneously, developing a technique of her own that results in a strongly rhythmic polyphonic landscape.


Fernando is a composer, a multi-instrumentalist and a singer. He has written a thesis on the Philosophy of Music and has been searching for years throughout the diversity and complexity of several traditions to find the styles, techniques and languages that better suit his expressivity. He mainly plays Oud, Guitar (Flamenco, Manouche & Electric) and Oriental Percussions (Bendir, Tombak & Darbuka), but also Bouzouki, Irish Whistle, Viola da Gamba, Accordion and Piano.


Alice Hong - Leadership Coach

Wild Woman Gathering

«The music of Numantia takes you on a journey of the body-heart-soul. I had the pleasure of collaborating with Numantia to co-create an embodiment journey for a group of 160 women and it was absolutely extraordinary. To be able to weave and co-create with such ease, joy and seamlessness was magic. Laia and Fernando could skillfully read the room, meet us where we were at and take us beyond! Thank you for blasting our hearts open through your presence and music! You are a gift!»

Daisy - Wild Woman Gathering

«The wild women gathering was a completely new experience for me and it would not have been as powerful without the atmosphere created by the handpan and your voices, it was truly magical, you made it easier for me to go along and let go, thank you for your spreading so beautiful energy through your music.»

Marion, Event Managerin


«Laia und Fernando haben uns im Riedhof einen wunderschönen Nachmittag bereitet. Mit ihrer ruhigen aufgeschlossenen Art konnten sie gleich die Aufmerksamkeit der Bewohner gewinnen. Schön war, dass sie immer wieder Geschichten zu ihren Liedern und den Instrumenten erzählt hatten. Man konnte vom Anfang bis zum Schluss die positive Energie verspüren die diese Musik ausstrahlte. Wir werden die beiden bestimmt wieder für ein Konzert zu uns in den Riedhof einladen.»

Klara, TED x Zürich

"We had the pleasure to feature Numantia as the opening act for TEDxZurichWomen 2023. The music captivated our audience, allowing them to escape the outside world and immerse fully in the event's atmosphere. Laia and Fernando are not only talented musicians but also very collaborative, and tailored their performance to suit our event. Their music created a perfect flow and we received an abundance of praise from our guests. Numantia created a memorable and uplifting experience, setting a positive tone for the event."

Janina, Yoga Teacher

LUNA Winterthur

"Ich habe zu meinem 2 jährigen Jubiläum ein Yoga-Special mit Live-Musik veranstaltet. Laia & Fernando haben die Yoga-Session musikalisch begleitet und es war einfach nur magisch! Die beiden sind zwei wundervolle Menschen und ein grossartiges Musik-Duo! Feinfühlig, tiefgehend und harmonisch habe ich die Energie während der musikalischen Begleitung von den beiden während der Yoga-Session empfunden. Auch meine Kund*innen waren von dem Anlass und von der magischen Musik der beiden sehr berührt - von kraftvoller Musik bis hin zu sanften und weichen Klängen. 

C o n t a c t

Laia Pascual / Fernando Noriega

+41 76 475 60 63

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